Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Strawberries and Crystal Watercolor

Finally finished!

This took a while. Painting the crystal really just requires patience, and to believe what you are seeing. Yes, the colors are really that bright or that dark..and there are those strange little flicks of color from the prism affect. What really got me with this one was the strawberries... I wasn't sure just how to get those depressions created by each seed, and the highlights, and the right color. I saw strawberries when I closed my eyes to sleep, and had several strawberry dreams before I was finished. It's done now, and I will have it framed and ready for the showing on Friday evening.
You can see a larger image of the painting here.


  1. Wow -- what a stunning piece! Your skill with watercolor is amazing!! (Saw the link to your blog on WetCanvas!)

  2. !!!!
    That is AMAZING. I just found your blog through blogexplosion and can't believe this pic is a watercolor.


  3. Gorgeous. brilliant colors. sheer reality on canvas.

  4. I echo the previous sentiments exactly. You have an amazing talent. I especially love the work you did on the crystal. Well done!

  5. OMG ITS FREAKING beautifull. I saw Emilys wine glasses total wonder too. Gosh guys you really have talent. WOW


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