Friday, April 15, 2005

Samurai, the Cat

This is Samurai and Diva.. Sam's the black one with a white spot on his chest. When he found us in the park last fall, he was skin and bones. Now he is fat and sassy and with plans to take over the world. He is such a bully. He runs after the older cats and tries to bite them on the neck. If they make even a move toward fighting back, he runs off making scared little squeeky sounds. He also loves to rub chins, and drools when he purrs.

I have a photo of him lined up for a painting. I can't wait to get to it, the lighting in it is gorgeous...he looks very regal.

Today is cleaning day (Should I admit that I do laundry or will that reduce the artistic aura?) and I am trying to get the strawberries and crystal finished...still. I think for the next painting, I will do a work in progress blog.

I'm getting to like this blogging deal.

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