Monday, May 14, 2007

another tree id...

I have tried to use some online tree identification sites. It comes up as an Ash, but then the photos don't look like this tree. It formed there stranges big buds, and then the leave stems sort of popped out of the buds. Never seen anything like it, not that I am a big tree expert, but I know most of the common trees around here. I noticed it growing on the edge of our woods behind a honeysuckly vine and some weeds.

The red is where the leaf "bud" was.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Japanese Maple

How embarrassing! I was trying to take a picture of the trunk of the tree and saw a little bit of yellow sticking up out of the dirt. Turned out to be an id tag! sheesh. This little guy is a Acer 'Tamukeyama' Red dissectum.

Still trying to get an id on my Japanese maple. We bought it at the farmer's market. We got a deal on it because it lost it's top branches in a wind storm. They said it was about 12 years old. Right now it's in a south eastern spot to get morning to early afternoon sun, then shade in the late afternoon. I'm in Charlotte, and our late afternoon sun is very strong.