Sunday, November 13, 2005

Rhodie Three

And beginning to work on the leaves and stems.

Did I tell you all I have the honor of being one of the featured artists on this season? Very cool!

Rhodie Two

Working on the background..trying to keep it loose. This is a wet on wet and salt technique.

Here's a close up of the background.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Fall Leaves Watercolor

Hello out there in blogland! I haven't forgotten the rhodie, just wanted to share this painting of fall leaves. I did it as a demonstration in a class on texture last night. Lots of spraying and layers. You can see close ups and a larger version in the website gallery.

I also added a page on painting textures in watercolor to the website on the step by step page:

Yes, my thumb is still prussian blue!

Went to the library today and got two books on tape. I listen to them when I paint and when I walk. I think I have funded several new purchases for the library with all my late fees!

I'm going to go work on that rhodie right now :)