Thursday, July 20, 2006

PaintAmerica Competition (aka always read the fine print!)

I have received several post cards and emails about this competition. I just got a prospectus in the mail. If you read the information on the back, it looks to me like you are signing over ALL rights to reproduction of the work. Not just for advertising like most show, but any reproduction and the use of your name... and this is just for entering the show, not for the winners. So with the entries, the have a built in library of images to make prints and any other item they choose. They say they will give the artist 10% royalty on limited edition items, but flat rates on things like posters and note cards. For posters and note cards they could sell millions of, you get $50-$100 flat rate.

Scary world out there for artists! Always read the fine print, and never, ever give away your copyright!

Comparison Pricing! has added a new page: price guide

It's a printable price comparison for watercolor paint at all the major online art supply stores. Love this website! Check out the rest of it while you are there.. lessons, featured artists and lots more. (No, I'm not associated with them, just a fan :) )

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

New Art Book!

I love art books...and add to my collection whenever possible! Nita LeLand who is one of my favorite art authors has a new (well revised, but new to me) book that is just coming out: New Creative Artist I can't wait to get my copy. You can read more about it on Nita's site here. I think I might have to save mine for my mid-winter slump.. when I need all the creative help I can get.

If you have a favorite art book, please share!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Fun site!

Great stress relief! It will look like a blank page, move your mouse across the page, click to change colors.

(Found on a recent thread)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Daisy Jar 5

Almost done here.. still a few little details I see now that it's on the screen. Not sure if I should take the darks darker, or leave them be. I'll put it in the studio and stare at it a while...make that decision in a few days.

Back to working on pears and crystal.