Thursday, April 21, 2005

Pear Blossoms & Chickadee WIP

I thought I would start my first work in progress with this one...

This is the rough pencil drawing. For this painting, I am combining several reference photos. The blossoms are from my front yard this spring. Not sure where the chickadee is was in my reference file. I will post another image when the final under drawing is done. (I've raised the contrast and intensity in the photo so you can see the lines, they are actually very light.)

Tomorrow is the event at Majestic should be a lot of fun. Four businesses are working together to have an art & wine evening. It was my good fortune to be invited to join in. There will be seven artists in my group, each of us with 3-4 easels to display our work. They have been advertising the event in the local magazines and paper.

I have to put the easels together today and figure out how to add an extra ledge below the original one. Should be an interesting project...measure twice, cut once...measure twice, cut once...measure twice, cut once...


  1. Looking forward to watching this develop! :) (And thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!!)

  2. it already looks like a gem in the works. My fiancee's friend does art works like that, and I can tell when it's going to be a remarkable painting.


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