Saturday, April 16, 2005


How to caulk:

Buy all needed supplies:

caulk, splurge and get the good kind.. about $1 more a tube, I like the kind that doesn't have to be attached to a caulk gun.
caulk remover goop - you will need this to get rid of the old caulk
caulk remover tool - piece of sharp plastic, a screw driver and a razor would probably do, but I like to have "tools"
paper towels
rubbing alcohol
painters masking tape

Put all supplies on kitchen counter for at least 3 weeks...they need to age. Occasionally move from one counter to another.

When supplies have properly aged, read the directions on the back of the goop and apply to old caulk. It says leave on no longer then 6 hours. Forget about goop and leave on over night.

Use caulk removing tools of choice and remove old caulk. This involved scraping, and a lot of grumbling.

Remove all traces of old caulk. Clean with rubbing alcohol to get rid of all cleaning product traces.

Put down strips of painter's tape to act as guide for caulk. This way you can be messing and it won't matter. Open caulk and apply according to directions. To smooth out the caulk, dip your finger in warm water and run it along the caulk. Wipe off excess as you go. Pull up masking tape and touch up carefully.

There now..easy :)

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