Sunday, December 29, 2013

Celtic Solstice~Split Triangle Unit ~ Clue 5

No one is more surprised than I am that I am finished with this weeks clue the Sunday before the next Friday clue!    I am usually much better at procrastination.

For this weeks clue, we had to use the HST's from one of the previous clues.  The needed a little squaring up.  Annabelle was slacking on the supervising.
I woke up early the day of the clue and was so excited to get started!  I printed off the directions and started reading them before I got my coffee.  I read them...and re-read them...and read them one more time.  They made no sense.  Why was Bonnie talking about pressing and seams before she even told us what we were making??  Did she write this in an eggnog induced stupor?
I stapled the directions backwards.

I blame it on the lack of caffeine.

Along with the HST's, we cut big blue triangles and little ones from the neutral (black for me.)  Sewn together like the one above. 

Some of the math wizards on the facebook group have been trying to solve the puzzle through calculation. 
The have come up with some amazing analysis and possible solutions.
I am more of a randomly pick up squares from the box and try to fit them together kind a girl.

Have I said this is going to be one bright quilt?

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