Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Very Geeky Christmas Card.

Click the link above to see my Christmas card to everyone!  It has nothing to do with quilting or gardens or cooking or anything else usually on this blog.  I have been hiding my geekiness well from you all.

I made it using CSS3/HTML5 animation. If you are interested in the geeky side of its creation, ask. I would be happy to share. What you are seeing is generated by computer code. The only actual images are the snowflakes in the background and the little hearts.

It needs to be viewed in a "modern" browser, preferably Chrome, but does okay in current IE or passably in firefox and opera. No idea how it will look on your phone or ipad. If you see snowman body parts flying around, you probably need to try a different browser  Chrome works best...really.

Edit: my niece just said it works fine on her IPad, and I have heard it works on smart phones, too.