Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Strawberries and Crystal - Update!

I entered the Strawberries and Crystal watercolor (scroll down to see the painting) in the Charlotte Spring in to Art juried art show. They called and said it won a prize, but they didn't say what it was! I have to go to the awards show on Friday to find out lol It could be anything from an honorable mention to best in show...I'm leaning toward the honorable mention side. It seems like most of the previous winners have been abstracts. That's true for most shows it seems...not sure why that is. Some I can see why they win.. their use of color or composition or depth is amazing. But then some... I just don't get it, they just look like splotches to me. And I have had several years of art history, I understand what is supposed to be the intent of abstract art....I still don't understand why some abstracts are considered good. Oh well, to each his own.

I have the entry ready for the recipe and art contest. I entered the lemons and crystal (homemade lemonade) and the strawberries and crystal (strawberry shortcake.) I think we just get a free recipe book if our work is used, but it was a fun contest anyway :)

A gentleman came to the shop today and purchased a small daffodil painting for his wife. He said her birthday is May 1 and every year he gives her a present everyday between her birthday and Mother's Day. How sweet is that!

Tonight I am filling orders that have backed up while I was away this weekend and working on a painting of calla lilies for my brother's wedding present. He is getting married this weekend and I am so thrilled that he has found someone to share is life with. He deserves to be happy!


  1. Let me tell you. When I first saw your "straberries and crysal" on your site, I fell in love with it.

    Congratulations! Talent is a gift that is meant to be used for the good of mankind. Your talent makes me smile and feel good. You deserve the recognition. peace

  2. I agree with sapere...the strawberrries made me actually want to eat them. Also, thanks for posting about the gentleman who gives his wife the gift. I think it's a great idea, and I'll see if I start doing something like that for my wife!


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