Thursday, May 19, 2005

Roses and Grass

I cut the grass today (part of the glamorous life of an artist!) Am I the only one that likes to cut grass? I like the smell.. I like how the shaggy weedy grass turns into nice neat grass. Now I don't like to vacuum :P so I don't think it's cleaning thing.

My roses are fighting black spot and now they are wilting away. They were sooo pretty a few weeks ago:


  1. goodness gracious great balls of fire, i can't believe it. this whole week i was in dilemma thinkin "do i owe a duty to god to do the best i can?" and there i saw your blog title quote. you were an instrument of god today, woman! thanks!

  2. There is NOTHING like the smell of fresh cut grass .. It should be made into a scratch n' sniff card .. people would be happier ,not only recieving a card, but having a sniff LOL


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