Saturday, May 14, 2005

Egg Basket - WIP Day One

The contrast was increased on the drawing so you can see it better online. This painting is based on a photograph I took of my great grandmother's eggbasket

Here I've added the masking on the highlights through the basket, on the eggs and on the table. The background and the cloth have their first layer.

Starting the darks in the shadows, and shading on the eggs.

More shadows on the basket, especially in the weaving. Had to take a break and rest my eyes :) So far, so good.. even if it is an "adolescent" painting.


  1. Why do you say "adolescent" painting? Enjoy looking at you blog. Vera

  2. I could have sworn I posted, but it's not showing up for me. I just call it adolescent because it's about half-way done lol I don't usually like my paintings when they are in the "teenage" stage.

  3. I am enjoying reading your blog, Beth. I have subscribed to it so that when you have updates, I am notified. This is a good demo. I look forward to the next image.

    I've already added you as June "artist of the month" on my "bridges2design" blog.


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