Monday, January 27, 2014

Celtic Sosltice - Top Done!

I was up early, really early, this morning working on bookkeeping.  I was using a highlighter to mark things on the paypal records (usps or owner draw) and my highlighter died.  So I found a new pack in the drawer that said "scented highlighters"  And I thought oh must have been something weird Devin picked up for me.  They were so pretty, different colors and ooo scented too!  So I open the package and start sniffing the highlighters. And my thoughts ran something like this:  "That's weird..they just smell like..highlighters.  Wow..I got defective scented highlighters!!   I'm gonna write that company and get new highlighters that smell good!"  So I dig the packaging out of my trash and while looking for the company name, I notice this in big letters at the top of the package "ACCENT HIGHLIGHTERS"   



need coffee...
in other news..


I made a fish border.  All of my blues are either water related or have fish in them.  Those tri-recs just naturally wanted to be fish.

Diva guarding the fish.  You don't get to see her too often.  She's about 120 and doesn't like getting her photo taken.  
I made the fish by sewing the tri-recs together at random spots to make different size and shape fish.  Then I added enough blue to bring it back to 9.5 inches (what it would have been) 

I have thought about sending this off to be quilted.  I have never used a long arm quilter.  But I am afraid they will run away screaming when they see the back and all those little seams.  I tried to get them to lay flat, but they have a mind of their own.
All the leaders and enders done during CS!  Almost whole other quilts worth!
Leaders and enders are when you use the little piece of fabric that you use to keep your needle threaded and threads tamed to actually make something. 


  1. What a great finish!! I'm so glad Bonnie posted a reminder to check back on the "Finale" post or else I would have missed your beauty (mine is #41 and is still a flimsy!) What a great idea to do the fish border! I love it all!

  2. I love the turquoise with your blues. It gives the quilt a real sparkle. So appropriate with the fish in the borders.

  3. Wonderful CS, I like your arrangement with stars in center, "boxes" outlining. Love your gold fish. Funny morning story, I have moments like that.

  4. Mary T
    Your quilt is beautiful! Love your colour scheme.


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