Sunday, January 12, 2014

Celtic Solstice - Putting it together

(Sorry for the double post of this post.  I had to re-publish it to get the comments to work. )

Smuagette (aka Annabelle) guarding her treasure!

I got all the blocks put together.  I ended up with these three blocks.  

This is the layout I chose..stars in the center and birthday girl blocks around the edge.

Since I can't leave the blocks on the floor without it turning into a giant cat ice skating ring, I made this chart.  Blank for 54-40 or Fight blocks.
Stars for chevron in block (I call them birthday stars)
Squares for Birthday Girl blocks.

Then I attached a number with a safety pin to the first block in each row.  This way I could chain stitch the column 1 to column 2 blocks  and then the column 2 to column 3 and so on.  I crossed off each square as I got it sewn on to the row.
I think this is like Bonnie's webbing (here)  Only, I needed the chart to keep my pattern correct.  And I cut them apart as I got each column sewn and double checked I had it right.  I did end up pinning the blocks to help keep the seams in line...just don't look to close :)

I was going to show a pic of the rows sewn together, but Smaugette is back.

Will update when I have the rows sewn together and start the border.

In none quilting news, I started a new watercolor for my niece:
Just have the first layers down, but at least it is started!

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  1. Really beautiful! I love your interpretation! And what a lovely kitty!

  2. Glad you got your commenting button fixed. I think sometimes these things have minds of their own. :) I know how important comments on blogs are. As far as CS - I'm still piecing block B. Hope to get those done today and maybe a few rows together. We shall see.

  3. Your colors are wonderful!! Don't you just wonder why cats are drawn to quilts? Annabelle is beautiful.

  4. It's looking gorgeous! I love your kitty too. I have a human Annabelle, hehehe.

  5. I love your choice of black for your neutral. Quilt looks great!

  6. Beautiful, and I see you have a helper too.

  7. Oh, I found your blog, and yes I can comment on it. Love your colors and your inspector.

  8. Found your blog, I had clicked on the wrong link on facebook. Love your colors and your beautiful kitty.

  9. Love your layout with the Birthday Girl and B.G. Star blocks. May have to steal that (if it's okay with you!) when I get those blocks sewn together. Your black background really makes your colors pop! Great job!

  10. Love your layout! I may have to steal that (if it's okay with you) when I get those blocks together. Your black background really makes your colors pop! Great job!


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