Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Craft : Walking Water Bottle Bag (version #312)

I've been doing a lot..A LOT...of walking lately getting ready for the breast cancer walk this fall.  Our last walk was 9.5 miles. When you are doing a long walk, out in the wilderness of Charlotte, you have to take some supplies with you for all those walking emergencies, like blisters and sudden chocolate cravings.  I started out using a fanny pack (bag that ties around your waist) but that gets uncomfortable around mile 5, especially if it is hot out.  So, I found a couple of over the shoulder water bag tutorials online, and took what I liked best about each.  After 311 versions and came up with this (over there to the left)  It's big enough for a bottle, keys, id, blister pads, tissues,and protein bar (or smooshed pjb sandwich for longer walks.)  The fabric is a light denim on the outside and quilter's cotton on the inside.   I am thinking about making one more that can be converted to a mini-backpack.  The first few versions had fabric handles.  I am finding I actually prefer that.  The fancy webbing is slippery and not as soft on bare shoulders.  Any long distance walkers out there with suggestions? If anyone wants a tutorial on this..just leave me a note and I'd be happy to do one.

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