Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sewing : Chicken Apron and Knock Off Muslin

This is my chicken apron!  I made it to go in the pattern review apron contest:  I decided to go with a style and fabric I will actually use in the kitchen.  Something dark and not frilly at all :)  But I do like the chickens! I don't think I even have a shot of winning the voting contest...there are some gorgeous aprons in this contest.  But, there is a random draw too, maybe I will get lucky with that!  

Below is my muslin for the Knock off contest. (see this for more details)  I like the front so far..back needs work.   I think the final dress will be more fitted, but for a summer play dress, I wanted it comfortable.  It was stretch poplin, and I didn't put in the zipper the pattern suggests.

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