Wednesday, April 25, 2007

In the Garden...

This is my little square foot garden I am trying this year. It has two tomatoes, two peppers, onions, peas, squash, and few other veggies. I can't wait to see how my experiment works out!
In the back ground are my two new blueberries (another farmer's market find..much nicer than the ones at home depot.
Dev and I were fortunate enough to find this Japanese maple on sale at our local farmers market. We aren't sure exactly what type it is...or where we are going to put it, but it's beautiful!
About half of our back yard is trees. I would love to plant some wild flowers and plants that attract butterflies along the edge of it. But I am not sure what to plant yet. It definitely needs a little oomph! That's my dog, Schnapps hanging out in front.

This is the stone patio we put in. I re-grouted the stones this spring and laid out a few more stones on the edge that I am going to sink into the grass. The table is our old kitchen table that I cut down the legs on and tiled the top. The trellises will have morning glories and moonflowers later in the season, and the one to the side will have gourds and squash, with a little lettuce / spinach garden in front. I made the little fence for it out of the branches I trimmed of our crab apple trees. Dev says it looks like something from survivor :P

Okay.. I promise I have a painting drawn out and on my drafting table. No really! In the meantime, I have been enjoying our spring weather here in Charlotte, NC.

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