Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Paintings that Dance with Light

My sweet husband surprised me a few weeks ago with a wonderful new painting book called Paintings that Dance with Light by Elizabeth Kincaid. Now, I have a whole library of watercolor books, and this one still manage to have tips that I had never heard before! For example, you can use ammonia to thin masking fluid! Who would have thunk :) She has some of the best use of masking that I have ever seen and her paintings do dance with light. I don't know Ms. Kincaid, but I did email her to thank her for that ammonia tip. She was very gracious and sent me a reply telling me her husband was a chemist and he was the one who knew that ammonia would thin frisket. She does have work shops and classes, so if you are in the Seattle area you might want to investigate!


  1. Thank you for sharing the tip about the ammonia! I may use more frisket (sP?) now...Happy Painting!

  2. Hi I really like your blog and was wondering if you would like to add it to my directory?

    Thanks, Shelly


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