Saturday, October 01, 2005

Halloween e-card!

Click here to see my very first flash card!

I haven't been painting much, I have been working on learning new programs. Sorry! Some day I will get back to painting regularly. I do have a show that I am hanging on Monday, but no new work to share :(


  1. Good luck with your show! I keep checking to see if you've added a step to the blue glass painting. I love blue glass and it looks like this is going to be a good one.


  2. Hi, just found your site, it's very encouraging, as I've just started painting. It's nice to see the development of the works. Hope your enthusiasm ebbs back in this direction soon.

  3. Your Flash card is terrific!! Great work. I love your watercolors, the glassware is exquisite. I enjoyed watching your paintings develop. I did something similar on my blog with one of my watercolors, but not even close to your mastery. Thank you for sharing this. Like you, now that the summer doldrums are over it is time to again pick up the pencil and brush.



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