Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Duochrome Stargazers

I've been in the mood to paint some fun paintings, instead of such serious work. Experiment a little with color and paint. This is a stargazer lily. It's from my neighbors yard..they are used to me crawling around and taking photos in their yard. I painted it fairly traditionally at first, and then played with some duochrome paint from daniel smith that I got for Christmas this year. They are so beautiful, and think I went a little over board with them! My favorite is the Autumn Mystery..its a gorgeous copper color. I've got this one up on ebay, keep your fingers crossed for me! (My id is ejmstudio if you want to check it out.)

It's hard to get the shimmer to show up on camera, but this shows it a little bit.


  1. It's wonderful...very bright and alive!

  2. you'll be a great artist... what a work you've done

  3. Love it. Stargazer lillies are my favorite flower, and they are so much fun to paint.


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