Friday, December 09, 2005

Rhodie 4

I finally had some time to work on the petals...using quin. magenta and trying to let it go with the flow. My students and I have been working with a book by Roland roycroft, WATERCOLORS WITH LIGHT AND COLOR. I can't find this on on amazon anymore, but you might want to check ebay.

My book of the month this month is Transparent Watercolor Wheel by Jim Kosvanec. I have two copies of this book, because I ripped pages out of the first one to post on my wall near my painting table! It has the best information about watercolor apinting and how and why it does what it does.

I'll try to get pictures of the new studio (AKA the former guestroom) some time this week.

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  1. I'm enjoying the watercolor journey you've taken me on...
    Your paintings are so well done.

    Thank you for sharing...


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