Monday, July 18, 2005

Chickadee and Blossoms 5

Almost finished. Maybe a little softening of the flowers that are furtherest away, and some work on the larger branches...have to look at it again in the morning.

Exciting news! My lemons and crystal painting (you can see a little pic of it on the side of the blog) was accepted into the NC Watercolor Society 2005 Exhibition. So, it will be on display this fall in Winston-Salem, NC.

Random thoughts:

My cat, Empress, is OCD. She over cleans herself until she is bald. She has been to the vet several times over this. All we can do is put oinment on the current spot, and one of those big plastic collars around her neck. Such a bizarre little creature.

I try to walk every morning. When I walk, I listen to books on tape. Yesterday, I was so into my book that I almost walked into a tree! Good thing I walk at the park and not on the roadside!

There are two rocks shows over the next two weekends. I am such a good wife ;)

Down the hall from my studio, there is a therapist, and she has a therapy dog named Jazz. She is the sweetest thing. Everytime she sees me she snorts and wiggles. Her owner says boy! she sure does get excited to see you! Her mama doesn't know that she is a dogcookie junkie, and am her dogcookie dealer. She gets a fix everytime she comes to visit me.

Still working on flash. Made a bouncing ball this week(yes, I am a flash genius!) and went through a few tutorials. What is it with graphic artists and insisting on mac platform? are they still in the stone age? or is it some kind of mac cult? Employment ads keep asking for mac platform..why do they care? It's the exactly same program on the pc as on the mac..I promise I can learn how to turn a mac off and on.

You can't depend on your eyes if your imagination is out of focus.

- Mark Twain


  1. Congratulations on having your lemons and crystal accepted.


  2. Love the Chicadee and Blossoms 5 painting! Great that your beautiful lemons and crystal is in the show!

  3. Congrats! That's a stunning painting, I hope it does very well for you!

    I agree about the Macs, I don't understand it, maybe they think you're more "official" if you use one? To me it seems rather high-schoolish, "the kids that come from money wear GUESS jeans", and anyone else "must be poor" kind of thing. :P


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