Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Fourth of July - Day 2

First layer on most of it done. The reflections of reflections are going to be interesting paint and it's nice to be away from the prussian blue / burnt sienna combination of the last two paintings.

I finally got to do some painting today. I hid out in the studio and listened to a book on tape. Funny how no one will interrupt you if you have head phones on :) The book I am listening to is called Diary. It's by the same person who wrote fight club. It's about an artist...and after that it gets a little surreal. It's fun to listen to the parts about the artist painting watercolor and want to correct the author. I imagine that scientists feel that way about science fiction all the time.

The beginning watercolor class started tonight. I have three students this time, and I think it will be a great group. We talked about paint (how to read a tube, and what brands are good, etc. ) and washes. They did little paintings of a sunset and palm trees to practice. Next week we will be doing snow scenes and using salt to create the snow.


  1. Interesting watercolour painting. Will be looking foward to see its final version.

  2. To think that I used to spend months on oils is hard to believe when I see the progress you make in a short time.

  3. Q- thank you!

    Abraham - Oh, you can spend months on watercolors, too. I tend to work in short bursts and then stare at it for a while. I have oil painter friends who can paint three a day...they tend to be abstract though, so I am not sure that is a fair comparison.


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